Research, education and application


Wide-ranging technology transfer

At the TZI – Center for Computing and Communication Technologies (Technologie-Zentrum Informatik und Informationstechnik) – 15 professors and more than 150 staff are working across individual technical disciplines to answer the key issues of our modern knowledge and service society.

Our researchers are able to draw on the information and communication technology (ICT) potential gathered in over 100 national and international projects to create better learning and life perspectives for individuals as well as to increase companies’ competitive advantages. Whether it be the future of industrial work; life-long learning; secure handling of information in the Internet era or efficient use of resources – as the Federal State of Bremen’s ICT competence centre with an excellent international reputation our academic institute provides an important contribution to the structuring and implementation of the Senate’s strategy for high tech. Three concerted activities, each being researched by interdisciplinary teams, provide the structure for application-oriented project work: Adaptive Communication; Human-Centered Information Systems and Cognitive Enabled Assistance. The 16 spin-offs founded by the TZI and providing some 230 additional jobs alone demonstrate the extent to which our research focuses on a user-oriented approach.

   We are member of the high-profile area Minds, Media, Machines at Universität Bremen