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E.-B. Berndt, "Die Differenz verstehen – Rechtschreibprüfungs-Software als Korrektor?", Computer und Unterricht, pp. 42–49, 2008. Added by: DiMeB (DM)  v    Pop. 41.32%
E.-B. Berndt, "Die Furcht vor dem Verlust der Handschrift – oder warum die Integration der Digitalen Medien in den Deutschunterricht nicht gelingt .", LOG IN, Festschrift für Hartmut Jonas, 2008. Added by: DiMeB (DM)  v    Pop. 37.83%
J. O. Berndt, "Self-organizing Supply Networks: Autonomous Agent Coordination Based on Expectations" in 3rd International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence, Rome, Italy, Jan. 28-30, 2011, Added by: Jan Ole Berndt  v    Pop. 21.18%
J. O. Berndt and O. Herzog, "Efficient Multiagent Coordination in Dynamic Environments" in 2011 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology, Lyon, France, 2011, Last edited by: Jan Ole Berndt  v    Pop. 20.26%
C. Bersch, D. Pangercic, S. Osentoski, K. Hausman, Z.-C. Marton, R. Ueda, K. Okada and M. Beetz, "Segmentation of Textured and Textureless Objects through Interactive Perception" in RSS Workshop on Robots in Clutter: Manipulation, Perception and Navigation in Human Environments, July 9-3, 2012, Added by: Angela Schramm  v    Pop. 10.79%
C. Bertelsmeyer, E. Koch and A. H. Schirm, "A new approach on wearable game design and its evaluation" in NetGames 2006, Oct. 2006, Added by: Deleted user  v    Pop. 72.5%
J. Besson, T. Woronowicz, A. Mitasiunas and M. Boronowsky, "Innovation, knowledge- and technology transfer process capability maturity model - innoSPICE" May. Added by: Angela Schramm  v    Pop. 20.66%
C. Bettstetter, S. Dixit, G. Kunzmann, J. Nielsen, P. Santi, A. Sarma, R. Schmitz, R. Schollmeier, M. Stiemerling, A. Timm-Giel and D. Westhoff, "Self-Organization in Communication Networks: Overview and State-of-the-Art" in WWRF SIG 3 White Paper, August 2005. Last edited by: Martina Kammann  v    Pop. 56.97%
J. Bézivin, T. Baar, T. Gardner, M. Gogolla, R. Hähnle, H. Hußmann, O. Patrascoiu, P. H. Schmitt and J. Warmer, "OCL and Model Driven Engineering Workshop Report" in UML'2004 Modeling Languages and Applications. UML'2004 Satellite Activities. Revised Selected Papers, N. J. Nunes, B. Selic, A. R. da Silva and A. T. Alvarez, Eds., 2004, p. 67–75. Added by: Deleted user  v    Pop. 78.16%
J. Bézivin, F. Büttner, M. Gogolla, F. Jouault, I. Kurtev and A. Lindow, "Model Transformations? Transformation Models!" in Proc. 9th Int. Conf. Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems~(MoDELS'2006), O. Nierstrasz, J. Whittle, D. Harel and G. Reggio, Eds., 2006, Added by: Deleted user  v    Pop. 81.38%
J. Bézivin, R. France, M. Gogolla, O. Haugen, G. Taentzer and D. Varro, "Teaching Modeling: Why, When, What?" in Workshops and Symposia at 12th Int. Conf. Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems~(MODELS'2009), S. Ghosh, Ed., 2010, p. 55–62. Added by: Mirco Kuhlmann  v    Pop. 21.05%
N. Bharatula, M. Stäger, P. Lukowicz, G. Tröster and UMIT, "Power and Size Optimized Multisensor Context Recognition Platform". Added by: Andreas Nawroth  v    Pop. 26.91%
"Bilgisayar terzisi Turkiye", Sabah, Apr. 10, 2005. Added by: Andreas Nawroth  v    Pop. 23.49%
"Bilisim Liderleri Istanbulda", Aksam, Apr. 4, 2005. Added by: Andreas Nawroth  v    Pop. 26.51%
D. Bindel, M. Stefer, D. Padeletti and G. Arentes Jr, "Relative Navigation with High-Frequency Radio Waves" in 62nd International Astronautical Congress, Cape Town, South Africa, Oct. 2011, Last edited by: Adaptive Kommunikation  v    Pop. 15.92%
H. Birkholz, J. Heer and C. Bormann, "IMPART - Ein Werkzeug zum frühzeitigen und nachhaltigen Einbeziehen der Benutzer in Informationssicherheitsmanagement-Prozesse" in Proc. of the 11. Deutschen IT-Sicherheitskongress: Sichere Wege in der vernetzten Welt, 2009, Added by: Steffen Bartsch  v    Pop. 22.7%
S. Bisanz, P. Ziemann and A. Lindow, "Integrated Specification, Validation and Verification with HybridUML and OCL Applied to the BART Case Study" in Proc. Conf. Formal Methods for Automation and Safety in Railway and Automotive Systems~(FORMS/FORMAT'2004), E. Schnieder and G. Tarnai, Eds., 2004, Added by: Deleted user  v    Pop. 69.61%
J. Bitzer and K. U. Simmer, "A New Noise Model for Designing Superdirective Beamformers for Special Applications" in International Workshop on Acoustic Echo and Noise Control (IWAENC-01), Sept. 2001, pp. 43–46. Added by: Deleted user  v    Pop. 60.92%
J. Bitzer and K. U. Simmer, "2" in Superdirective Microphone Arrays, M. Brandstein, Ed. Berlin, Heidelberg, New York: Springer, 2001, pp. 19–37. Added by: Deleted user  v    Pop. 66.12%
J. Bitzer, K. U. Simmer and K.-D. Kammeyer, "Multi-microphone noise reduction techniques as front-end devices for speech recognition", Speech Communication (Special Issue on Noise Robust ASR), vol. 34, iss. 1-2, pp. 3–12, Apr. 2001. Added by: Deleted user  v    Pop. 61.38%
J. Bitzer, "Mehrkanalige Geraeuschunterdrueckungssysteme - eine vergleichende Analyse", PhD thesis, Dept. of Telecommunications, Universitaet Bremen, Aachen, 2002. Added by: Deleted user  v    Pop. 60.66%
J. Bitzer, K. U. Simmer and M. Kallinger, "Robust, time-variant design of MVDR Beamformers" in 29. Jahrestagung fuer Akustik (DAGA-2003), Mar. 2003, Added by: Deleted user  v    Pop. 61.12%
T. Blank, "Qualitative Trend-Kurven-Analyse", Diploma thesis, University of Bremen, Bremen, 2006. Added by: Deleted user  v    Pop. 73.49%
G. Blome, J. Enge and A. Luedtke, "Vernetzte Archive - Das Gateway to Archives of Media Art (GAMA)" in EVA - Electronic Imaging and the Visual Arts, Berlin, Nov. 11-13, 2009, Last edited by: AG Bildverarbeitung Herzog  v    Pop. 32.11%
M. Bloos, T. Warden, H. Kopfer and O. Herzog, "Modeling and Simulation of Operational Transport Collaboration: A Multiagent-based Approach" in Tagungsband des 6. Deutsch-Russischen Logistik Workshops, Bremen, Germany, May 12-13, 2011, Last edited by: Tobias Warden  v    Pop. 21.71%

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