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S. Aust, N. A. Fikouras and C. Görg, "Enabling Mobile WAP Gateways using Mobile IP" in European Wireless 2002, Florence, Italy, February 2002, 2002, Last edited by: Martina Kammann  v    Pop. 92.32%
S. Aust, D. Proetel, C. Pampu and C. Görg, "Mobile Internet Router for Multihop Ad hoc Networks" in 6th International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications (WPMC 2003), Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan, October 2003, 2003, Last edited by: Martina Kammann  v    Pop. 79.74%
S. Aust, D. Proetel, N. A. Fikouras, C. Pampu and C. Görg, "Policy based Mobile IP Handoff Decision (POLIMAND) using Generic Link Layer Information" in 5th IEEE International Conference on Mobile and Wireless Communication Networks (MWCN 2003), Singapore, October 2003, 2003, Last edited by: Martina Kammann  v    Pop. 86.98%
S. Aust, C. Pampu and C. Görg, "Proactive Handover Decision for Mobile IP based on Link Layer Information" in First IFIP International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications Networks (WOCN 2004), Muscat, Oman, June 2004, 2004, Last edited by: Martina Kammann  v    Pop. 88.59%
S. Aust, M. Sessinghaus, C. Pampu and C. Görg, "Hierarchical Mobile IP ns-2 Extensions for Mobile Ad hoc Networks" in 4th IASTED International Multi-Conference on Wireless Networks and Emerging Technologies (WNET 2004), Banff, Alberta, Canada, July 2004, 2004, Last edited by: Martina Kammann  v    Pop. 84.86%
S. Aust, C. Pampu and C. Görg, "Mobile IPv6 Ad hoc Gateway with Handover Optimization" in IEEE 61st Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC 2005), Stockholm, Sweden, May 30 - June 1, 2005, 2005, Last edited by: Martina Kammann  v    Pop. 76.52%
P. Auth, "Sind deutsche Unternehmen bereit für den demographischen Wandel?  Demographische Fitness-Umfrage 2007", Wirtschaft und Berufserziehung, vol. 5.08, pp. 18–22, May 2008. Last edited by: Andreas Nawroth  v    Pop. 50.92%
"Avrupa'ya cep'ten girdik", Aksam, Dec. 17, 2004. Added by: Andreas Nawroth  v    Pop. 27.38%
D. Awan, S. Bashir, S. Marwat and H. Ali, "Gain enhancement of UWB antennas with and without band notch feature" in International Workshop on Antenna Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany, Mar. 4-6, 2013, pp. 342–345. Added by: Martina Kammann  v    Pop. 16.25%
""Azinlik Raporu" Gerçek Oldu", Milliyet, Apr. 3, 2005. Added by: Andreas Nawroth  v    Pop. 27.94%
T. Baar, D. Chiorean, A. Correa, M. Gogolla, H. Hußmann, O. Patrascoiu, P. H. Schmitt and J. Warmer, "Tool Support for OCL and Related Formalisms~- Needs and Trends" in Satellite Events at the MoDELS'2005 Conference, J.-M. Bruel, Ed., 2005, p. 1–9. Added by: Deleted user  v    Pop. 62.27%
M. Babazadeh, H.-J. Kreowski and W. Lang, "Selective Predictors of Environmental Parameters in Wireless Sensor Networks", INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL MODELS AND METHODS IN APPLIED SCIENCES, vol. 2, iss. 3, pp. 355–363, 2008. Last edited by: AG- Kreowski / Sabine Kuske  v    Pop. 32.05%
F. Baccus, C. Domshlak, S. Edelkamp and M. Helmert, Eds.International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling. AAAI Press, 2011, Added by: Deleted user  v    Pop. 27.32%
M. Balaban, J. Cabot, M. Gogolla and C. Wilke, "Workshop on OCL and Textual Modeling: OCL 2012" in Proc. 12th Int. Workshop Object Constraint Language (OCL 2012), M. Balaban, J. Cabot, M. Gogolla and C. Wilke, Eds., 2012, p. 5–6. Added by: Angela Schramm  v    Pop. 16.14%
S. Balakirsky and O. Herzog, "Parallel Planning in Partitioned Problem Spaces" in 5th IFAC Symposium on Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles, July 5-7, 2004, Last edited by: Jan D. Gehrke  v    Pop. 74.23%
F. Balint-Benczedi, Z.-C. Marton and M. Beetz, "Efficient Part-Graph Hashes for Object Categorization" in 5th International Conference on Cognitive Systems (CogSys), 2012, Added by: Angela Schramm  v    Pop. 17.97%
J. Bandouch, O. C. Jenkins and M. Beetz, "A Self-Training Approach for Visual Tracking and Recognition of Complex Human Activity Patterns", International Journal of Computer Vision, vol. 99, iss. 2, pp. 166–189, 2012. Added by: Angela Schramm  v    Pop. 14.52%
L. Bankert, A. Miene, A. Jacobs, T. Hermes, G. T. Ioannidis and O. Herzog, "An Environment for Modelling Telecast Structures" in AVIVDiLib'05 Proceedings, May 2005, pp. 176–179. Last edited by: AG Bildverarbeitung Herzog  v    Pop. 76.07%
L. Bankert, "Entwicklung einer Modellierungsumgebung für Sendestrukturen", master's thesis, Universität Bremen, Bremen, Germany, 2005. Last edited by: Deleted user  v    Pop. 78.52%
D. Bannach, K. S. Kunze, O. Amft and P. Lukowicz, "Distributed Modular Toolbox for Multi-Modal Context Recognition" in Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems, Mar. 1, 2006, Added by: Andreas Nawroth  v    Pop. 27.71%
D. Bannach, O. Amft, K. S. Kunze, E. Heinz, G. Tröster and P. Lukowicz, "Waving Real Hand Gestures Recorded by Wearable Motion Sensors to a Virtual Car and Driver in a Mixed-Reality Parking Game" in Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG 2007), Jan. 1, 2007, Added by: Andreas Nawroth  v    Pop. 25.71%
F. Barbier, B. Henderson-Sellers, A. Opdahl and M. Gogolla, "The Whole-Part Relationship in Object-Oriented Modeling" in Unified Modeling Language: Systems Analysis, Design, and Development Issues, K. Siau and T. Halpin, Eds., 2001, p. 186–209. Added by: Deleted user  v    Pop. 70.23%
A. Barenbrock, F. Biermann, N. Bogdanowa, T. Celikel, D. Grosche, P. Heckers, H. Hollstein, R. Höpken, J. Krummel, K. Lange, K. O. Ozong, M. S. da Rocha, J. Sliwon, N. Steenbergen, A. P. Winkler, B. Walther-Franks, G. Friederichs-Büttner and R. Malaka, "Perform! - Interaktive digitale Medien für Musik-, Tanz- und Theateraufführungen" in Kultur und Informatik: Interaktive Systeme, J. Sieck, Ed., Berlin, May 2010, pp. 243–251. Last edited by: Digitale Medien  v    Pop. 33.56%
A. Barenbrock, M. Herrlich and R. Malaka, "Design lessons from mainstream motion-based games for exergames for older adults" in Games Media Entertainment (GEM), 2014 IEEE, Oct. 2014, pp. 1–8. Added by: Digitale Medien  v    Pop. 5.01%
M. Barry, A. Grünerbl and P. Lukowicz, "Wearable joint-angle measurement with modulated magnetic field from l/c oscillators" in 4th International Workshop on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks - BSN 2007, Aachen, Germany, Mar. 1, 2007, Added by: Andreas Nawroth  v    Pop. 30.88%

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