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F. Büttner, O. Radfelder, A. Lindow and M. Gogolla, "Digging into the Visitor Pattern" in Proc. IEEE 16th Int. Conf. Software Engineering and Knowlege Engineering~(SEKE'2004), F. Maurer and G. Ruhe, Eds., 2004,
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Categories: AG-Gogolla, SAT, SQuIS, [ old ---- Adaptive Kommunikation --- old ]
Creators: Büttner, Gogolla, Lindow, Maurer, Radfelder, Ruhe
Collection: {Proc. IEEE 16th Int. Conf. Software Engineering and Knowlege Engineering~(SEKE'2004)}

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{In this paper we present an alternative to the visitor pattern, dynamic dispatcher, that can be applied to extend existing software in a nonintrusive way, and which simulates covariant overriding of visit methods. It allows to express polymorphic operations through visitor classes in a more natural way than the original visitor pattern. Our solution dynamic dispatcher can be applied without touching existing domain classes. Therefore, it is especially useful to extend frameworks and libraries. We have implemented dynamic dispatcher as a small framework in Java and conducted performance measurements which show that the overhead should be acceptable in many real world scenarios.}
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