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S. Bisanz, P. Ziemann and A. Lindow, "Integrated Specification, Validation and Verification with HybridUML and OCL Applied to the BART Case Study" in Proc. Conf. Formal Methods for Automation and Safety in Railway and Automotive Systems~(FORMS/FORMAT'2004), E. Schnieder and G. Tarnai, Eds., 2004,
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Categories: AG-Gogolla, SAT, SQuIS, [ old ---- Adaptive Kommunikation --- old ]
Creators: Bisanz, Lindow, Schnieder, Tarnai, Ziemann
Collection: {Proc. Conf. Formal Methods for Automation and Safety in Railway and Automotive Systems~(FORMS/FORMAT'2004)}

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Popularity index:  69.5%

{This article proposes the integration of the HybridUML specification formalism and the USE approach for validation of invariant constraints and verification of system states. The benefit is an executable real-time simulation with an integrated verification/validation component, which combines the advantages of the previously separate approaches by providing an accurate, (partially) time-continuous model that can be checked for consistency between static invariants and dynamical behavior in terms of a complete UML model. The integration is illustrated by means of a train system specification -- the BART case study.}
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