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M. Herrlich, B. Walther-Franks, R. Schröder-Kroll, J. Holthusen and R. Malaka, "Proxy-Based Selection for Occluded and Dynamic Objects" in 11th International Symposium on Smart Graphics, Bremen, Germany, 2011,
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Categories: AG-Malaka, Contribution to conferences-reviewed, graduate school digital media, IuB
Keywords: multi-touch, proxies, selection, selection\_techniques, user\_study
Creators: Herrlich, Holthusen, Malaka, Schröder-Kroll, Walther-Franks
Publisher: (Bremen, Germany)
Collection: 11th International Symposium on Smart Graphics

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Popularity index:  26.97%

{We present a selection technique for 2D and 3D environments based on proxy objects designed to improve selection of occluded and dynamic objects. We explore the design space for proxies, of which we implemented the properties colour similarity and motion similarity and tested them in a user study. Our technique signi cantly increases selection precision but is slower than the reference selection technique, suggesting a mix of both to optimise speed versus error rate for real world applications.}
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