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Proceedings Article: BibTeX citation key:  Gogolla.1244
M. Gogolla, "Exploring ER and RE Syntax and Semantics with Metamodel Object Diagrams" in Metainformatics Symposium~(MIS'2005), U. K. Wiil, P. J. Nürnberg and D. L. Hicks, Eds., 2006,
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Categories: AG-Gogolla, SAT, SQuIS, [ old ---- Adaptive Kommunikation --- old ]
Creators: Gogolla, Hicks, Nürnberg, Wiil
Collection: {Metainformatics Symposium~(MIS'2005)}

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{This paper explains how a metamodel transformation between two well-known database models work: Entity-Relationship~(ER) database schemas are transformed into Relational~(RE) database schemas hand in hand with the transformation of ER states into Relational states. The schemas determine the syntax of the datamodels, and the set of associated states fix the semantics of the datamodels. Often, when database models are considered, one formally only treats syntactical aspects, i.e., schemas, and handles the semantics, i.e., states, merely informally. Our approach formally handles syntax and semantics of database models and their transformation within a single, uniform framework. The approach thus precisely describes properties of the datamodels and properties of the transformation. Our metamodel transformations do not simply convert ER schemas into Relational schemas, but they respect the semantics in a formal way and they can also be used the other way round in order to transfrom Relational schemas into ER ones. This opens the approach for re-engineering as well.}
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