Automatic Trailer Generation


Sample Trailer
"Transporter 2"

(avi / divx / 12MB)
Sample Trailer
"Terminator 2"

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SVP Project Flyer
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"Semantic Video Patterns" is a project hosted by the University of Bremen (April 2005 - April 2006) and carried out by Masters students of the International Master Program entitled "Digital Media".

The core idea of the SVP project is to generate a movie trailer automatically from a movie. Therefore, a movie is analysed for several image and sound features (low-level analysis) which are then combined to a higher-level analysis. Based on this information, the footage of the given movie is automatically selected, edited and mixed with on-the-fly created video animation sequences - all according to pre-defined trailer patterns.

Our project flyer gives an overview of the system. The revised publication at eCulture Factory describes the trailer generation system as well. Our demo video on the description site explains the project in detail. Several sample trailers, pictures and presentation material are published in the download area.



15.03.2007 - CeBit Conference - visit us!

Visit us at the CeBit Conference (Hannover)! From 15. - 21.03.2007 our trailer project will be presented in exhibition hall 9 (B21).

20.10.2006 - presentation at eCulture Conference

We are invited to present our results at the eCulture Trends Conference 2006 (Bremen). Starting at 1 pm the SVP team will demonstrate the trailer generation software and its results. Visit us!

21.04.2006 - final results presentation

The SVP project will be finished with a final results presentation: April 21th , 2006 / TAB building / University of Bremen / 9am.

17.02.2006 - prototype three ready

The third prototype is ready to be used - now using an expert system to create the clip sequence. The testing phase can come...

16.12.2005 - prototype two out

We achieved the milestone three: the prototype two of our trailer generation software is out! Beside new music handling and a flexible fade in/out feature it offers automatic animation and integration of blender text animation files. Download a sample trailer in the download area!

18.11.2005 - project benchmark day

We will give an overview of our work so far. Join us: Friday 18th Nov. 9am at the University Bremen in MZH 1400. You can find the presentation slides here.

08.07.2005 - milestone 1 reached

The first milestone was reached successfully: for the end of phase 2 ('plan') a milestone report was presented that covers processes and results of our work so far.

20.06.2005 - trailer database online

The database for our trailer analysis is online. Here you can enter your data! (You need a password to access the database.)