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First International Workshop on

October 4, 2011, Berlin, Germany.


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KI 2011

Hannah Bast will give an invited talk about semantic search

Algorithmic Intelligence at TZI, University of Bremen

Algorithmic Intelligence at IT University of Copenhagen

Deadline August 10th, 2011 Midnight Pacific Time (extended)

First International Workshop on
Algorithmic Intelligence

Aim and Scope

Algorithmic Intelligence is a collective and pragmatic term for the range of algorithmic methods that have been identified as key revenue drivers in companies. The topic contrasts the term Artificial Intelligence in two ways: Firstly, while Artificial Intelligence carries some meaning that there is intelligence, but nothing real, Algorithmic Intelligence is focused on methods that solve a given problem. Secondly, if a method exists to solve a complex looking problem or give a good approximation of the solution, then this method belongs to Algorithmic Intelligence even if it is too simple to be called Artificial Intelligence.

However, there is real need for software systems capable of taking actions in real-time situations involving sensor inputs, state variables, situation assessments and environmental conditions. Algorithmic Intelligence thus tributes to the fact that computer action for real-life applications refers to an algorithmic and constructive process. The machine is an information constructor, assisted by humans to create machine representations of objective reality. New information is linked to prior knowledge. Algorithmic Intelligence also includes tackling optimization problems where there is no learning as such, but methods come in as a way of dealing with computational hardness.

With this workshop we agree to stress the impact that well-founded AI algorithms have for the success in practice, while referring to a broad spectrum of efficient methods rather than centering around neural networks and fuzzy logic aspects.

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together researchers with an interest in Algorithms, Applications, and AI. The goals are to

  • tease out common themes and differences,
  • identify common problems and their solutions,
  • share experiences with the applicability of techniques from one field to problems from the other, and
  • identify the key issues to be addressed in increasing the convergence between the fields.
The workshop will welcome submissions on all ideas, research, experiments and tools.


Algorithmic Intelligence 2011

Stefan Edelkamp (edelkamp@tzi.de)