National Conference on Artificial Intelligence 

Workshop on Intelligent Security
(SecArt 2010)

July 12, 2010, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


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AAAI 2010


Second Workshop on
Intelligent Security
(Security and Artificial Intelligence)
SecArt '10

Accepted Papers

  • Martin Michalowski, Mark Boddy and Todd Carpenter. Coordinated Management of Large-Scale Networks Using Constraint Satisfaction
  • Jorge Lucangeli Obes, Carlos Sarraute and Gerardo Richarte. Attack Planning in the Real World
  • Mary Parmelee. Toward the Semantic Interoperability of the Security Information and Event Management Lifecycle
  • Jerry Lin, Jim Blythe, Skyler Clark, Nima Davarpanah, Roger Hughston and Michael Zyda. Unbelievable Agents for Large Scale Security Simulation
  • Carsten Elfers, Mirko Horstmann and Karsten Sohr. Typed Linear Chain Conditional Random Fields And Their Application To Intrusion Detection
  • Mirko Horstmann, Carsten Elfers and Karsten Sohr. A Dynamic Knowledge Base for Intrusion Detection
  • Sascha Bastke, Mathias Deml and Sebastian Schmidt. Identifying Malware Behaviour in Statistical Network Data
  • Henk Birkholz, Stefan Edelkamp, Florian Junge and Karsten Sohr. Efficient Automated Generation of Attack Trees from Vulnerability Databases
  • Gary Coen. Efficient Text Discrimination


SecArt 2010

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