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VOGUE (Trusted Mobile Access to Enterprise Networks) aims at developing a security platform which implements device authentication on a Google Android mobile phone in order to make available VPN connections. This work is based upon the specifications of the Trusted Computing. A trustworthy module is to be implemented on the mobile device as a client-side part of the Policy Enforcement Point (PEP). This way, security policies of enterprises can be enforced on the device. In addition, the server-side component of the PEP and the PDP (Policy Decision Point) shall be implemented.


Period: 01/10/2009 -30/09/2011
Funding Body: BMBF

Partners: DECOIT GmbH, OTARIS Interactive Services GmbH, NCP GmbH, Hochschule Bremen, Fraunhofer-SIT.

Author: Dr. Karsten Sohr
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