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I. Ehnert, L. Arndt, B. Bemeleit, N. Dembski, J. D. Gehrke, F. Hillebrandt, H. Langer, M. Lorenz and I. J. Timm, "Situation-aware decision-making in autonomous logistic processes - An interdisciplinary perspective" in Competitive Advantage through Global Supply Chain - Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Logistics, K. S. Pawar, C. S. Lalwani, J. C. de Carvalho and M. Muffatto, Eds., Beijing, China, July 9-11, 2006, pp. 402–407. Added by: Deleted user  v    Pop. 57.6%
J. Eschenbächer, P. Knirsch and I. J. Timm, "Demand Chain Optimization by Using Agent Technology" in Proceedings of the IFIP WG 5.7 Conference - International Conference on Integrated Production Management: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Logistics and Production Management, Tromso, Norway, June 2000, pp. 285–292. Last edited by: Jan D. Gehrke  v    Pop. 57.86%
J. D. Gehrke, B.-L. Wenning, M. Lorenz and M. Becker, "Integration of two Approaches for Simulation of Autonomous Logistic Processes" in Simulation in Produktion und Logistik 2006. Tagungsband zur 12. Fachtagung, S. Wenzel, Ed., Kassel, Germany, Sept. 26-27, 2006, pp. 133–142. Last edited by: Martina Kammann  v    Pop. 55.45%
J. D. Gehrke and J. Wojtusiak, "Traffic Prediction for Agent Route Planning" in International Conference on Computational Science 2008, ser. LNCS, M. Bubak, D. van Albada, J. Dongarra and P. M. A. Sloot, Eds., vol. 3, Kraków, Poland, June 23-25, 2008, pp. 692–701. Last edited by: Jan D. Gehrke  v    Pop. 54.15%
J. D. Gehrke, H. Langer and O. Herzog, "Distributed Control for Robust Autonomous Logistic Processes" in Robuste und sichere Logistiksysteme. 4. Wissenschaftssymposium Logistik, H.-C. Pfohl and T. Wimmer, Eds., München, June 11-12, 2008, pp. 25–37. Last edited by: Jan D. Gehrke  v    Pop. 54.54%
J. D. Gehrke, A. Schuldt and S. Werner, "Quality Criteria for Multiagent-Based Simulations with Conservative Synchronisation" in 13th ASIM Dedicated Conference on Simulation in Production and Logistics, M. Rabe, Ed., Berlin, Germany, Oct. 1-2, 2008, pp. 545–554. Last edited by: Deleted user  v    Pop. 53.03%
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R. Jedermann, J. D. Gehrke, M. Lorenz and W. Lang, "Realisierung lokaler Selbststeuerung in Echtzeit - Der Übergang zum intelligenten Container" in Wissenschaft und Praxis im Dialog. Steuerung von Logistiksystemen - auf dem Weg zur Selbststeuerung, ser. Wirtschaft & Logistik, H.-C. Pfohl and T. Wimmer, Eds., Dortmund, May 2006, pp. 145–166. Last edited by: Jan D. Gehrke  v    Pop. 61.73%
R. Jedermann, L. J. Antúnez Congil, M. Lorenz, J. D. Gehrke, W. Lang and O. Herzog, "Dynamic Decision Making on Embedded Platforms in Transport Logistics - A Case Study" in 1st International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics, H.-D. Haasis, H.-J. Kreowski and B. Scholz-Reiter, Eds., Bremen, Germany, Aug. 28-30, 2007, pp. 191–198. Last edited by: Jan D. Gehrke  v    Pop. 59.41%
M. Lorenz, J. D. Gehrke, J. Hammer, H. Langer and I. J. Timm, "Knowledge Management to Support Situation-aware Risk Management in Autonomous, Self-managing Agents" in Self-Organization and Autonomic Informatics (I), ser. Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, H. Czap, R. Unland, C. Branki and H. Tianfield, Eds., Glasgow, UK, 2005, pp. 114–128. Last edited by: Jan D. Gehrke  v    Pop. 52.78%
A. Schuldt, J. D. Gehrke and S. Werner, "Designing a Simulation Middleware for FIPA Multiagent Systems" in 2008 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology, L. C. Jain, M. Gini, B. B. Faltings, T. Terano, C. Zhang, N. Cercone and L. Cao, Eds., Sydney, Australia, Dec. 9-12, 2008, pp. 109–113. Last edited by: Jan D. Gehrke  v    Pop. 46.19%
B. Sniezynski, W. Wójcik, J. D. Gehrke and J. Wojtusiak, "Combining Rule Induction and Reinforcement Learning: An Agent-based Vehicle Routing Example" in Ninth International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications, Washington, DC, USA, Dec. 12-14, 2010, pp. 851–856. Last edited by: Jan D. Gehrke  v    Pop. 23.76%
H. K. Tönshoff, P.-O. Woelk, O. Herzog and I. J. Timm, "Integrated Process Planning and Production Control: A Flexible Approach Using Co-operative Agent Systems" in Initiatives of Precision Engineering at the Beginning of a Millennium - Proceedings of 10th International Conference on Precision Engineering, Yokohama, Japan, July 18-20, 2001, pp. 857–861. Last edited by: Jan D. Gehrke  v    Pop. 37.06%
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