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T. Baar, D. Chiorean, A. Correa, M. Gogolla, H. Hußmann, O. Patrascoiu, P. H. Schmitt and J. Warmer, "Tool Support for OCL and Related Formalisms~- Needs and Trends" in Satellite Events at the MoDELS'2005 Conference, J.-M. Bruel, Ed., 2005, p. 1–9.
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Categories: AG-Gogolla, SAT, SQuIS, [ old ---- Adaptive Kommunikation --- old ]
Creators: Baar, Bruel, Chiorean, Correa, Gogolla, Hußmann, Patrascoiu, Schmitt, Warmer
Collection: {Satellite Events at the MoDELS'2005 Conference}

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{The recent trend in software engineering to model-centered methodologies is an excellent opportunity for OCL to become a widely used specification language. If the focus of the development activities is shifted from implementation code to more abstract models then software developers need a formalism to provide a complete, unambiguous and consistent model at a very detailed level. OCL is currently the only language that can bring this level of detail to UML models. The purpose of the workshop was to identify future challenges for OCL and to discuss how OCL and its current tool support can be improved to meet these challenges. The workshop gathered numerous experts from academia and industry to report on success stories, to formulate wishes to the next generation of OCL tools, and to identify weaknesses in the language, which make OCL sometimes cumbersome to use. The workshop could also attract numerous people whose aim was to get an overview on the state of the art of OCL tool support and on how OCL can efficiently be applied in practice.}
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