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Journal Article: BibTeX citation key:  Schulz2010a
J. Schulz, K. Barz, P. Ayon, A. Luedtke, O. Zielinski, D. Mengedoht and H.-J. Hirche, "Imaging of plankton specimens with the lightframe on-sight keyspecies investigation (LOKI) system", Journal of the European Optical Society, vol. Rapid Publications 5, 2010.
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Categories: AG-KI, BV, DM, General, Journals - reviewed
Keywords: image analysis, imaging, lightframe on-sight keyspecies investigation (LOKI), small scale distribution, zooplankton
Creators: Ayon, Barz, Hirche, Luedtke, Mengedoht, Schulz, Zielinski
Collection: Journal of the European Optical Society

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Popularity index:  28.92%

Zooplankton is a key element in aquatic food webs. Rapid mapping of abundance, combined with information on taxonomic and size
composition is necessary to understand ecosystem dynamics. Classical sampling with towed plankton nets does not allow resolving fine
scale distributions along hydrographic gradients (e.g. fronts and clines) although such structures determine community assemblages and
trophic interactions. Furthermore, sample analysis is labor intensive and time consuming. To overcome these shortcomings, Lightframe
On-sight Keyspecies Investigation (LOKI), a new imaging device, was developed for sensing spatial variability of plankton distribution on
scales below the 1 m level. Here, we give a brief description of the LOKI system and demonstrate its potential for taxonomic identification
using images of various zooplankton taxa collected in the south east Pacific.
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